2014 National and International Prophecies by Bro Joshua Iginla.

God Reveals to Redeem!
At Champions Royal Assembly (Inc.), we pray and seek for God mercy on every negative prophecy.

1. Nigeria Politics- Two more Governors Defecting to APC God show me, I see 2 more Governors defecting from PDP to APC and many more people following to the new party APC

2. Shake in the APC
I saw a lot of people joining the APC and I saw the boat shaking, the same problem that took members away from PDP to APC, I saw even worse the problems in APC and I saw some new breeds of politicians rising up in the PDP.

3 President Consultations
I see the president making a lot of consultation that will bring about a peaceful resolution and I see people who left PDP returning back.

4. Sacrificial Lamb
On the ambition of our President and the PDP Chairman seat, one will be sacrificed for the other to move on, let’s pray for the PDP chairman

5. Pray for year 2015
The year 2015 is going to be strong but Nigeria will not scatter, there will be a lot of restlessness and some of the letters we see flying will be resolved but the bitterness will not die.

6. Shake in Cabinet
I see many ministers in the cabinet going, for new ones to come in.

7. Female Governors
I see female Governors, I see one coming and taking root and I see the second like a deputy Governor taking over from the Governor.

8. Pray for the Pope
There is going to be a lot of media controversy over certain new policies he will take and this is just the beginning. Good policies but in another form.

9. Syria and Egypt
Pray for Syria and Egypt because of the blood shed I see, especially Syria I see a lot of women and innocent children being rushed, same with Egypt.

10. President of South Africa
I see a hard time ahead of the president of South Africa politically, the political drama will be very high for him.

11. Hardship in 2014
I see a lot of hardship this year but the children of light will prosper.

12. Another Militant Group dreadful than Boko Haram
I see another kind of militia more dreadful than Boko Haram, these are robot machine created by politicians, and I see so much vandalisation of pipelines and oil. Let’s pray for our Soldiers and Police, I see a lot of casualty.

13. Impeachment Shout
I see the shout and plot of impeachment of Mr. President in the House of Representative and Senate and I see the debate very high but it will hit the rock.

14. Deadly Sickness worse than HIV in 2014 to 2020
I see a deadly sickness worse than HIV killing millions of people between the year 2014 to 2020, this is really the end time sickness, it’s worse than HIV, it will blow up the mind of the scientific world.

15. Nollywood/ Nollywood Actor
I see a young actor in Nollyword in his prime age this is Accident, Pray for the Nollywood industry

16. Pray for River State, Yobe State, Delta State and Kano
Pray for Rivers, Yobe and Delta for what I see this year 2014. For Kano State I see an evil plot to claim more lives between the month of January, February and March and between the ending of 2014 and 2015. I see military presence all over and I see people afraid to come out.

17. The Opposition Party in South Africa
The Opposition Party in South Africa, they should not forget the principles of Mandela and should not stir up battle of bitterness or else they will never come near power at all.

18. Military Coup in Africa
I see three major military coups in Africa and a lot of bloodshed and one of these in West Africa region between 2014 and 2015.

19. Nigeria Judiciary
Pray for the Judiciary, in 2015 they will have a lot to do, I see bitterness, petitions, I see a lot of cry and people shouting, there will be a lot of contention in 2015 at the judiciary.

20. Africa President
Pray for the African presidents I see one of the seating presidents in Africa leaving the stage by death this year 2014.

21 On the Malawian President
Pray for the president of Malawi concerning the coming election, I see the person on the throne still on the throne but the prayer is that she should finish her tenure in
sound health. I see a lot of attack on her health.

22. Collapse of the “Mighty Men”
I see a lot of mighty men coming down. Their wisdom and money will fail them.

23. Revolution in Africa
I see revolutions that will take place mostly in African Countries. I see restlessness in the heart of the youth to cause a change. Mostly in 3 African Nations

24 Labour Strikes
I see protest and long labour strike with a lot of debate that could bring down many things in the system, most especially in the first quarter of the year.

25 The Country of Kenya
I see a lot of bomb attack in the country of Kenya and political restlessness. Pray for Kenya especially the blood of women and innocent children that will be caught up in this bombing.

26. Shooting in the Street of America
Pray for America. I see two young men shooting sporadically and uncontrollably in one of the streets of America, I see a lot of casualty, I see smoke, I see people running and death.

27. Insult on America
America is going to have a major insult from a country that they least expect. America needs to be very careful, if they react it will raise up dust that I see involving 6
countries and a lot of bloodshed. America should watch out for Russia and be sensitive about their decisions

28. Israel
I see a neighboring country with Israel, striking Israel, it will mean nothing but I see retaliation from Israel too massive that will raise uproar from other Arab countries in the Middle East.

29. Russia
Pray for Russia, I see a great beast rising up from Russia that will stir up and trouble other nations.

30. Nigeria Vice President
Pray for the Vice President that after this dispensation he should not be saying goodbye to politics

31. President of Zimbabwe
Pray for the president of Zimbabwe that he should finish his tenure. I see the flag half and I see people fighting for his position.

32. The President’s Wife
Pray for our President’s Wife, pray for her sound Health, I see her going abroad let’s pray for her.

33. New Breed of Politician in PDP
I see a new breed of politicians rising up in PDP so strong, I see people that left coming back and I see a kind of wisdom that will come on Mr. President that will end up all the shouting and I see either Ambition is sacrificed or seat be sacrificed. PDP Chairman should watch his seat he might just be one of the sacrificial lambs.

34. Nigeria Governors
I see the future on the Governor of Benue State and I see a media scandal on the Governor of Akwa-Ibom; he should be very careful of his political statements this year.

35. On the 2014 World Cup
Pray for the host Country, I see their footballers crying on the field, especially be the number 9, 10 and 11. I see them on the ground crying because there will be surprises in the World Cup.

36. Coach Steven Keshi
Let’s pray for Coach Steven Kechi, that he will not be saying he want to resign.

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